What are Tori?

Tori are basically extra bone deposits that are formed in the upper or lower jaw. Most Tori are benign (not cancerous) in their nature, this means they can just been left alone with no treatment.

There are many reasons why Tori form in both the upper and lower jaw:
● Genetics
● Grinding and bruxism
● Misaligned teeth
● Cross-bites and other occlusion problems

Tori usually get to a certain size and then stop growing, most of this
growth stops in late teenage years. As Tori are normally benign in nature,
we can just be monitor them rather than remove them providing there
are no reasons for removal.

Here are some reasons why you could need your Tori removing:
● Dentures – If you are having difficulty with your dentures (full or partial), it could be due to the fact your Tori are in the way. Causing your dentures to not sit flush with your gums and teeth. Or, if you are planning on having Dentures and you have prominent Tori, your Prosthodontist could advise you to have them removed prior to starting your Denture journey, this is to prevent future problems.

● Food Impaction – You could be prone to getting food entrapped underneath the lower Tori, this normally happens when the lower Tori are large in size. This can be a health hazard and can also contribute to oral health problems like gingivitis and periodontitis if not removed.

Tori removal is usually a straight forward procedure for our SmileBox
Surgeons. Here are the basic stages to Tori Removal:
● Once you have had your consultation and medical history reviewed
you can attend the clinic for your surgery.
● We use local anaesthetic so you wouldn’t feel any pain during the
● Once you are fully numb the surgeon will use a blade to open the
gum tissue that is covering the Tori.
● Once there is a full opening flap, dental equipment and instruments
are used to remove and smooth down the extra bone tissue (Tori).
● Once this is fully removed, the area will be cleaned and the incision
closed with stitches.

The healing process for Tori Removal is straightforward, but it can take around 4-8 weeks to fully heal. It is vital for the area to be kept clean and post operative instructions followed correctly. After your procedure, your Surgeon will discuss these thoroughly with you and our SmileExperts will make sure to follow up with your healing progress.

No, the procedure is done under local anaesthetic. The Surgeon will check that you are fully numb before starting the procedure.

It is rare that after removal the Tori grow back. In most cases, only one surgical procedure is required to remove the Tori. There is the rare possibility that bone
growth could reoccur but again, this is rare and are usually linked to genetic diseases. Secondary tori regrowth is usually very slow.

Tori Removal pricing starts at 6,000 THB

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