Thong Lo Branch

Our Thong Lo branch adds a touch of luxury to your dental experience. We want you to feel relaxed and comfortable from start to finish. You can enjoy our relaxation lounge whilst you wait for your appointment, where we have our big screen TV so you can watch your favourite show and enjoy free use of our refreshment bar.

We have over 6 treatment rooms and use state-of-the-art technology and dental equipment. We also have our kids zone, this is fun filled and perfect for your little ones to play whilst they wait for you to finish your appointment, or whilst they wait for theirs.

Another highlight is that we use Oculus virtual reality (VR) to remove the association of fear, pain, and anxiety during your dental visits. VR will immerse you into other worlds to view and enjoy a variety of scenes that will help you feel relaxed and calm during a procedure.


At SmileBox Dental, we believe in the freedom to choose your own journey, you can either arrange your own holiday to Thailand and let us know your available dates for a dental appointment. Or, you can let one of our SmileExperts arrange the itinerary for you!

Our trusted team of SmileExperts made up of local and international employees work together when planning your dream holiday. We tailor the trip to your personal preferences, and we assist you with all aspects of your travel.

We can assist you with transportation around the city too, ranging from using our luxury private transportation service to advising you of the best public transport route.

SmileBox has great connections with some of the best hotels in Bangkok. From budget to boujee, we can find you the perfect place to stay at the right price for you!

To get started with, or learn more about your Dental Vacation. Speak with one of our SmileExperts today, or request a call back at a more convenient time.

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