What are Surgical Extractions?

Surgical Extractions are the removal of volatile teeth that have either not yet erupted, impacted
or partially erupted past the gum line. A Surgical Extraction requires more equipment than just
a pair of forceps like a simple extraction. Usually, the surgeon will need to remove some
gingival (gum) tissue or bone to perform the extraction successfully. Surgical Extractions are
common in dentistry, especially for wisdom teeth. Sometimes you may require stitches after the

A Surgical Extraction is needed when a simple extraction is not possible. Typically these are in relation to the removal of wisdom teeth. However a Surgical Extraction could be required for a tooth that has broken at the gum level, or if during a simple extraction the tooth breaks and becomes a more complex case. Before the extraction, the surgeon will usually take an x-ray or scan to determine the method of extraction that is required.

No, the procedure is done under local anaesthetic. The Surgeon will check that you are fullynumb before starting the extraction.

You will be given post operative instructions tailored to you after your extraction. It is normal to feel some soreness and discomfort. You may also require stitches, therefore you would receive a follow up appointment in clinic for either stitch removal (this is dependent on whether the surgeon uses dissolvable stitches or not) or to check the extraction site and how it’s healing. It is always important to notify the clinic if you are in pain, this is because if not kept clean extraction sites can be prone to infection.

An extraction is a last resort in dentistry. At SmileBox we do not reccomended them
lightheartedly. Your Dentist will always do their best to save your teeth whenever
possible. However, an extraction of any sort is only recommended if it is for the
betterment of your oral health.

We understand. That’s why at SmileBox Dental we offer treatments to resolve this issue. We offer many treatment options that can fill the space in your smile. For example, you may be suitable for an Immediate Denture. This can be arranged so on the day of your extraction appointment, rather than leaving the clinic with a missing tooth, you leave with a complete smile! Or if you wanted something more permanent, you could consider Dental Implants.

How much do Surgical Extractions cost?
Prices for Surgical Extractions start at

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