What is a Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft?

This procedure is a type of dental surgery. It is done to correct gum recession. This is where your gums (gingiva) pull away from your teeth, exposing the roots underneath. Exposed roots increase the risk of tooth decay, sensitivity and bone loss. Gum grafting replaces the lost soft tissue around the teeth, improving overall oral health.

The basic stages to this procedure are:

1. Consultation with the Surgeon. Once a treatment plan has been
finalised and all medical checks are completed, you will come into
the clinic for the surgery.
2. The surgeon will use anaesthetic to numb the area.
3. An incision will be made to create a small flap in the gum, they will also thoroughly clean the roots of the teeth.
4. Next, the Surgeon will create another incision on the roof of the mouth and remove a small portion of the inner tissue. This area will then be closed using stitches or a periodontal dressing. (If the surgeon is using donated tissue for the graft, they will skip this step).
5. The surgeon will then place the gum graft over the desired area and will place stitches to hold it into place.

There are a number of benefits to this surgery. Including:
● Reducing the risk of gum disease
● Reducing the risk of cavities
● Decreasing sensitivity
● Improving the overall appearance of your smile

There are complications following a Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft,
they are uncommon but they can happen. Possible complications include
but not limited to:
● Infection
● Excessive bleeding
● Rejection of the gum graft (failure)
If you notice any of these symptoms after your surgery, or you are
concerned. Please contact the clinic straight away.

You may require this surgery if you have:
● Exposed roots
● Gum recession
● Extreme sensitivity
● Uneven gum line
● Teeth that look long

This is different for each individual case. On average, the recovery process takes one to two weeks. If you had multiple areas treated at once, your recovery may take longer.

This surgical procedure boasts high success rates. It gives you the best chance of treating gum recession and improving your overall oral health.

No, the procedure is done under local anaesthetic. The Surgeon will check that you are fully numb before starting the procedure. It is expected to have mild soreness after the procedure, but your Surgeon will give you post operative medication and instructions.

The price for a Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft starts at 15,000 THB

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