Until your children become familiar with these easy-to-follow steps, it may be wise to supervise them. 

Use a pea-sized amount of approved fluoride toothpaste and ensure it’s not swallowed.

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush the inside surface of each tooth gently starting where plaque tends to build up then brush the outer surfaces, angling the brush along the outer gum line.

The chewing surface of each tooth should also be brushed gently back and forth, while the tip of the brush can be used to clean behind each front tooth.

Make sure you don’t forget the tongue as well!


  • You should always try and encourage your child to have a sip of water after every meal or snack
  • Give your child 4 to 6 organised ‘mini-meals’ a day with only water in between
  • Disorganised eating or drinking causes cavities, even with healthy foods
  • Help your child brush their teeth daily until they are six or seven years old
  • After you or your child brush your teeth at night, you should only have water
  • Floss your child’s teeth if they are touching for additional protection
  • Schedule an examination for your child at the dentist from the age of 1
  • Fluoride application at your child’s examination appointment can help reduce cavities by 20-30%
  • Never leave your child with a bottle of milk or juice in bed
Caring for Your Baby's Teeth Dietary Habits