What will you get in your Full Consultation?

Access to Orthodontic Simulation Zone

Outcome Simulator, 5D Digital Scan, Photographs & Smile Report

Panoramic & Cephalometric Radiographs

Examination & Oral Health Assessment

Bimler Analysis &

Jaw Joint Examination

Facial Muscle Examination 

Swallowing & Respiratory Examination

Initial Treatment Plan & Price Calculator

Full Consultation Package (FCP)

Our MOOV Full Consultation Package at SmileBox Dental Clinic is the gold standard of consultations. This consultation is done face-to-face in one of our modern clinics.

This consultation takes around 1 hour, so please allow extra time for your dental appointment. 

We will make sure you feel comfortable for the entire duration of your time spent in our clinic, you can use our relaxation lounge which is equipped with a refreshment bar. You will have your consultation in our luxury private consultation room.










Before you arrive at your appointment

Prior to your FCP appointment, you will be contacted by one of our SmileExperts, you will be asked to send photos of your teeth. We will send you example photos to follow. 

You will also be asked to send any relevant supporting information to us, such as previous dental or health records.

Your photos and information that you send to us will be assessed by one of our Doctors prior to your appointment, this is to determine the most suitable treatment options available to you and the costs, this is so they can be discussed with you at your appointment.

  • What aligners are and how they are used
  • The different types of orthodontic treatments we provide
  • The virtual movement of your teeth and detailed steps of the treatment process 
  • Whether you are suitable for MOOV and if you can go ahead with the treatment
  • If you require any other dental work prior to MOOV or afterward.

The consultation itself is ฿3,500,  this is deductible from the overall treatment price.

There is also a ฿300 instrument sterilisation fee.

You get to take advantage of our orthodontic simulation zone. You will be able to see an immediate simulation of the before and after of your teeth from using clear aligners.

Outcome Simulator

See your end results instantly with the iTero Outcome Simulator. You will be able to see the before and after of your orthodontic treatment within 1 minute. 

5D Digital Scan, Photographs & Smile Report

Your Doctor or Smile Specialist will take intraoral and extraoral photos/videos of your teeth, facial anatomy, smile, and side profile. These photos are used for your dental record and photo calibration for use when creating your personalised MOOV treatment plan.

Panoramic & Cephalometric Radiographs

You will have x-rays taken by one of our Dental Nurses when you come into the clinic.

The Cephalogram x-ray is done to view your facial profile from the side (side view). This is taken to see if there is any misalignment of the teeth and jaw, to assess the face shape (normal, short, long), to see if there are any teeth that may require extracting, to create a Bimler Ceph (see Bimler Analysis) and to look at the nasolabial angle (between the base of the nose and the lip).

Your Cephalogram x-rays and side view photos are then merged and calibrated for a full analysis. We ensure that your photos and x-rays are of the same dimension and angle to help analyse the side profile, this is to ensure we have the correct relationship between the nose, lips, and chin.

The Panoramic x-ray is taken to see if there are any impacted teeth such as the wisdom teeth, if there are too many teeth (supernumerary teeth), if there are any teeth missing (hypodontia), to evaluate the level and thickness of the bone and the shape and normality of the jaw joint.

Examination and Oral Health Assessment

This is a full dental examination and oral tissue examination where the Doctor will look for any dental problems that may require further treatment such as restorations, extractions, or root canal treatment. You will also receive a Scale and Polish to remove any calculus, plaque, and staining.

The alignment of your teeth will also be examined. This is where the Doctor will look at how you bite together, the anatomy of your bone structure and teeth, and whether you have any crowding, spacing, a crossbite, or any other orthodontic problems.

Jaw Joint Examination

Your mouth opening limit will be assessed (this should be 40mm or 3 fingers width), along with checking for any jaw deviation upon opening and closing the mouth. Our doctors will also check for the side movement limit of your jaw (should be 10mm on each side), and if there are any abnormal clicking sounds in the joints – this involves the Doctor using his fingers to feel the joints on your face and potentially placing their pinky (little) finger into your ear.

If there are any issues found, this could mean you have joint problems (TMD – Temporomandibular Disorder), and these need resolving before you have any orthodontic

Facial Muscle Examination

This involves inspecting your face, looking at symmetry and any asymmetry at rest, during conversations, and testing the various facial muscles (you will have to pull some questionable faces and make some sounds, we promise you it’s all part of the plan).

Swallowing and Respiratory Examination

This is where the Doctor examines your swallowing and respiratory behaviour and checks to see if there is a medical history of any allergies. Swallowing and respiratory issues can lead to future or current problems with the position of the tongue, breathing, and the alignment of the teeth.


スマイルボックスデンタルクリニックの MOOV フル コンサルテーション パッケージは、コンサルテーションのゴールド スタンダードです。 この相談は、当社の最新のクリニックで対面で​​行われます。

院内にいる間ずっと快適にお過ごしいただけるよう、リフレッシュバーを備えたリラクゼーションラウンジをご利用いただけます。 贅沢な個室の相談室でご相談をお受けいたします。



FCP の予約の前に、当クリニックの スマイルエキスパートの一人ずつ連絡があり、歯の写真を送信するよう求められます。 サンプル写真をお送りしますので、ご確認ください。




✅ 歯の仮想的な動きと治療プロセスの詳細な手順
MOOV の前後に他の歯科治療が必要な場合になります

カウンセリングは10,000バーツ で、治療費全体から差し引かれます。

矯正シミュレーションゾーンをご利用いただけます。 透明なアライナーを使用すると、歯の前後のシミュレーションをすぐに見ることができます。


iTero Outcome Simulator を使用すると、最終結果を即座に確認できます。


医師またはスマイルスペシャリストが、あなたの歯、顔の解剖学的構造、笑顔、横顔の口腔内および口腔外の写真/ビデオを撮影します。 これらの写真は、個別の MOOV 治療計画を作成する際に



セファログラムX線検査は、顔の輪郭を横から見るために行われます(側面図)。 これは、歯と顎の位置ずれがあるかどうかを確認し、顔の形(正常、短い、長い)を評価し、抜歯が必要な歯があるかどうかを確認し、ビムラーセフを作成するために行われます。(ビムラー分析を参照) )

セファログラム X 線写真と側面写真は統合され、完全な分析のために調整されます。
横顔の分析に役立てるため、写真と X 線写真が同じ寸法と角度であることを確認します。



これは完全な歯科検査と口腔組織検査であり、医師は修復、抜歯、根管治療などのさらなる治療が必要となる可能性のある歯の問題を調べます。 歯石、歯垢、着色を除去するためのスケーリングとポリッシングもお届けします。

歯並びも検査します。 ここで医師は、噛み合わせの方法、骨構造と歯の構造、叢生、間隔、交叉咬合、またはその他の歯科矯正の問題がないかどうかを調べます。


口の開閉の際の顎のずれがないかチェックするとともに、口の開きの限界(これは 40 mm または指 3 本の幅である必要があります)が評価されます。 私たちの医師は、顎の横方向の動きの制限 (各側 10 mm である必要があります) や、関節に異常なカチカチ音がするかどうかもチェックします。これには、医師が指を使って顔の関節を触り、潜在的な可能性があります。小指をあなたの耳に入れます。

問題が見つかった場合は、関節に問題 (TMD – 顎関節症) があることを意味する可能性があり、矯正治療を受ける前にこれらを解決する必要があります。





ここで医師はあなたの嚥下動作と呼吸動作を検査し、アレルギーの病歴があるかどうかを確認します。 嚥下および呼吸の問題は、舌の位置、呼吸、歯並びに関する将来または現在の問題につながる可能性があります。

Initial Treatment Plan and Price Calculator

You will receive an initial treatment plan and the overall costs calculated. You can have this e-mailed to you or printed out to take home with you. We offer various payment options such as 0% finance with your bank or instalment payments with our clinic privately. We even offer discounts to those who want to pay for their treatment in full.

We offer a MOOV Express consultation package at SmileBox Dental Clinic. This consultation is done face-to-face in one of our modern Clinics.

This consultation takes up to 30 minutes, therefore ideal if you have a busy day planned, you can be in and out of the clinic with all the information you require before you know it!

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最初の治療計画と計算された全体的な費用を受け取ります。 これを電子メールで送信することも、印刷して持ち帰ることもできます。 銀行での 0% 融資やクリニックでの分割払いなど、さまざまな支払いオプションをご用意しています。 治療費を全額お支払いしたい方には割引制度もございます。

スマイルボックスデンタルクリニックではMOOV Expressコンサルテーションパッケージを提供しています。 この相談は、当社の最新のクリニックで​​行われます。

この診察には最大 30 分かかります。そのため、忙しい一日を計画している場合に最適です。クリニックに出入りしても、気づいた前に必要な情報をすべて得ることができます。