What is a Frenectomy?

A Frenectomy is a broad term that refers to any procedure where binding tissue on the body is modified or cut. A Dental Frenectomy is where we resolve the issue of a ‘tongue tie’ or ‘lip tie’. There are two frenums in the mouth, the labial and the lingual.

A Maxillary Frenectomy is where you cut the labial frenum (this is the small bit of soft tissue that connects the upper lip to the gum). Usually this is required if you have speech difficulties or if you struggle cleaning the front teeth and gums – this increases the risk of periodontal (gum) disease. A Maxillary Frenectomy gives the upper lip more mobility.

A Labial Frenectomy is where you cut the lingual frenum (this is the small bit of soft tissue that connects the tongue to your mouth). Usually if you have a lingual frenum that is very short it can restrict the movement of the tongue. This condition is called Ankyloglossia otherwise known as a ‘tongue tie’, this can interfere with speech development. A Lingual Frenectomy gives the tongue a greater range of movement.

Usually Frenectomy procedures are straightforward and completed in one
appointment. The general stages of a Frenectomy are:

● Consultation with the Surgeon to discuss all treatment options and
best way to perform Frenectomy
● Attend clinic for your surgery appointment
● The Surgeon will apply anaesthetic to the area
● Then your Surgeon will quickly cut the frenum using either scalpel,
surgical scissors or laser
● If it is a complex Frenectomy you may require stitches

Yes, Frenectomy procedures can be done on infants to adults. They are
relatively easy to perform and risks and complications are minimal.

The recovery process after the procedure is normally straightforward. With good oral hygiene and limitations in diet for the first dew days, the wound should heal relatively quickly. Within a week the area should begin to scar over.

No, the procedure is done under local anaesthetic. The Surgeon will check that you are fully numb before starting the procedure.

Frenectomy prices start at 4,000 THB

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