What is a Composite Restoration?

Composite Restorations are white tooth-coloured fillings. Composite is a resin based material, which is usually built up and then solidified by using a UV light. Composite Restorations are very durable and provide highly aesthetic end results. At SmileBox Dental Clinic, our dentists use composite as the first choice of filling material, which can be placed in a single appointment. There are other types of restoration materials available such as Amalgam and Glass Ionomer.
However, over the years Amalgam is being phased out more and more due to environmental and aesthetic reasons. At SmileBox, we no longer offer Amalgam restorations but we do have Glass Ionomer available. Glass Ionomer is mainly used for abrasion/erosion cavities, to restore deciduous (baby) teeth and to use as a base material with Composite Restorations.

Composite Restorations can be done with or without local anaesthesia. If there is dental caries(tooth decay) to be removed then anaesthesia can be used. Therefore, you would not feel any pain.

We have various shades of composite resin material, we are able to go through these together and match your shade at your dental appointment. We strive to get the closest colour match to your natural tooth shade.

Composite Restorations generally last for 5-10 years. After time they can become stained from food and drink and may need replacing. It is important for patients with Composite Restorations to maintain good oral hygiene, and attend regular recall examinations and cleaning appointments.

Prices for Composite Restorations start at 1,000 THB.

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