What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a safe, conservative cosmetic dental treatment. It involves applying composite resin material to your existing tooth structure. It is a great option for fixing chipped, fractured, worn down or discoloured teeth. Composite Bonding can help return the tooth back to health and function, it also provides a highly aesthetic end result. Composite bonding, veneers and restorations can be used as less invasive alternatives to the more traditional dental treatments we are used to hearing about – like Dental Crowns and Inlays. Composite Bonding is also a great way to close spaces in-between your teeth.

The tooth enamel is cleaned with a weak acidic gel to prepare the surface. Then a bonding agent is placed. We then gradually apply tooth-coloured composite resin material to the tooth. This builds the tooth up to the desired shape and contour of your choice. The composite resin material is then cured (made hard) with a UV light. Finally, the composite material is polished and contoured to your desired look.

Composite bonding can be completed in one appointment. Therefore, you will see immediate results!

If you want to whiten your teeth, we always recommend doing this before composite bonding. Once your desired shade has been achieved, we can then match the composite resin material to the shade of your natural teeth.

There is usually no preparation of the natural tooth for Composite Bonding treatment. If there is any it will usually be very minimal. We normally use no anaesthetic for composite bonding. However, if minimal preparation is required we can use anaesthetic, in this case you wouldn’t be able to feel anything.

We have various shades of composite resin material, we are able to go through these together
and match your shade at your dental appointment. We strive to get the closest colour match to
your natural tooth shade.

Cosmetic composite bonding usually lasts around 5 years. However, it is important to maintain
good oral hygiene and attend your recall examination appointments.

Composite Bonding prices start at 3,000 THB

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