This consultation is done face-to-face in one of our modern Clinics.

This consultation takes around 30 minutes, so please allow extra time for your dental appointment. 

We will make sure you feel comfortable for the entire duration of your time spent in our clinic, you can use our relaxation lounge which is equipped with a refreshment bar. You will have your consultation in our luxury private consultation room.

Before you arrive at your appointment

Prior to your express consultation appointment, you will be contacted by one of our SmileExperts, you will be asked to send photos of your teeth. We will send you example photos to follow. 

You will also be asked to send any relevant supporting information to us, such as previous dental or health records.

Your photos and information that you send to us will be assessed by one of our Doctors prior to your appointment, this is to determine the most suitable treatment options available to you and the costs, this is so they can be discussed with you at your appointment.

Consultation Cost & Fees

The consultation itself is FREE. However, there is a ฿300 THB instrument sterilisation fee.

Examination and Oral Health Assessment

This is a full dental examination and oral tissue examination where the Doctor will look for any dental problems that may require further treatment such as restorations, extractions, or root canal treatment. 

The alignment of your teeth will also be examined. This is where the Doctor will look at how you bite together, the anatomy of your bone structure and teeth, and whether you have any crowding, spacing, a crossbite, or any other orthodontic problems.

Your examination will also include an assessment of the missing teeth. You will find out the treatment options suitable for you, such as getting an implant, bridge, or denture. However, to fully know if you are a suitable candidate for an Implant and to evaluate whether you need a bone graft, you will require a full consultation including X-rays.

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