What Are Composite Veneers?

What Are Composite Veneers?

Composite Veneers are made by building up composite resin material over the tooths natural structure. Generally, no drilling is required. We may have to roughen up the top surface of your tooth but this is very minimal. We aim to be as conservative as possible. The material is cured (made hard) with a UV light, the veneers are then polished and contoured to your desired look. 

How Will I Know What Colour To Choose?

We have various shades of composite resin material, we are able to go through these together

and match your shade at your dental appointment. We strive to get the closest colour match to

your natural tooth shade. Sometimes, we recommend getting Teeth Whitening done prior to your treatment to allow you to get the exact shade you desire with more aesthetically pleasing results.

Why Composite Veneers?

There are instant results with utilising composite. In the majority of instances, a single visit is all it takes to rectify imperfections, providing you with immediate and noticeable improvements. Composite Veneers, non-invasive techniques, offers a cost-effective solution for achieving your desired new appearance.

Do Composite Veneers Stain Easily?

Due to its resin composition, composite is more prone to discolouration compared to porcelain or natural enamel. To safeguard the shade and condition of your composite veneers make sure to attend your regular recall examinations for cleanings and avoid staining foods and drinks like coffee, red wine, and curries this helps to prevent discolouration. 

How Many Teeth Should I Have Treated?

The number of teeth to be treated will be based on your specific aesthetic objectives. Generally, we recommend addressing a minimum of the upper 6 teeth to ensure optimal symmetry and functionality. As part of your consultation, comprehensive photographs will be taken from various angles, enabling you to visualise the teeth that are prominently visible during different smiling and resting positions.

Are Composite Veneers Better Than Porcelain?

Composite veneers offer durability, although they are not as strong as porcelain veneers and are more susceptible to chipping. Nevertheless, there’s a significant advantage when it comes to handling damage. In the event of damage to a porcelain veneer, it necessitates a complete replacement since repairs are not possible. However, if you chip a composite veneer, it can be repaired rather than replaced entirely.

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