SmileBox Attends Thailand’s Premier Health Fair

On July 2nd, the SmileBox team went to the Sam Yan Midtown Hall, participating in the “Retirement Club” event hosted by the Thailand Health Center. This event, regarded as the country’s premier health fair and organised by the Matichon Group, welcomed numerous health partners from both the public and private sectors. 

It served as a perfect platform for individuals who prioritise their health, particularly those approaching retirement age and others in similar life stages.

During the event, one of our founders Dr Vishesh Bhatia led a talk titled “Dentistry Innovation 2023” this included insightful perspectives on dentistry, shedding light on a topic that often carries negative associations.

He began by addressing the common fear and anxiety people have towards dental clinics, often rooted in childhood experiences where adults might have used dental visits as a threat. These early encounters can leave lasting emotional effects, making individuals apprehensive about dental work. Dr Vishesh stressed the importance of regular dental check-ups every 6 months.

Neglecting these routine visits can escalate minor issues into long-term, complicated problems. It not only prolongs treatment but also incurs higher costs.

Dr Vishesh emphasised three key misconceptions: the belief that dental care is expensive, painful, and time-consuming, which dissuades people from seeking dental care. He advocated for a shift in the way we view dental clinics, encouraging them to create positive and comfortable experiences for patients. Moreover, he highlighted the significance of proper at-home dental care, emphasising that neglecting this essential practice can undermine even the most sophisticated dental treatments.

Dr. Vishesh’s enlightening discussion aimed to transform others outlooks on dental care, fostering a healthier and more informed approach to maintaining our dental health.

Dr. Vishesh also highlighted the two primary categories of those seeking treatment at SmileBox dental clinic:The Beauty Seekers: This group consists of individuals seeking treatments primarily for aesthetic purposes. These treatments often involve enhancing the appearance of teeth, such as changing their colour or shape. Dr. Vishesh emphasised the importance of consulting with professional dentists before embarking on such treatments. This precaution is crucial because alterations in tooth structure can influence not only facial aesthetics but also jaw and face shape.

The Functional and Aesthetic Balancers: The second group encompasses those who require dental treatments for functional reasons but also wish to maintain or enhance their aesthetics. For instance, many individuals opt for clear braces to correct dental issues discreetly. Regardless of the type of dental work or treatment sought, Dr. Vishesh stressed the necessity of consulting specialised dentists. In cases where multiple dental issues exist, a collaborative approach involving several specialized dentists may be recommended to ensure the most effective treatment plan.

Dr. Vishesh also highlighted the modern innovations in dental treatment, such as the utilisation of dental scanners to replace traditional mouth impressions. This technological advancement streamlines treatment planning and enables patients to visualise before-and-after images, facilitating better comprehension and informed decision-making. Furthermore, for individuals dealing with gaps between their teeth, options like dental implants, bridges, and orthodontic procedures are available to effectively address these concerns.

SmileBox Dental Clinic is at the forefront of such dental advancements, ensuring our patients receive comprehensive and tailored care.

“When it comes to planning dental treatment, the doctor’s expertise is certainly valuable, but the ultimate driver is the patient’s specific needs. For example, a dentist might suggest veneers to alter the shape of teeth, citing that the teeth are small. However, it’s crucial to align the treatment choice with the patient’s actual needs and desires.”

Dr Vishesh further highlighted the advancements in dental imaging technology. 

Today’s dental x-rays extend beyond merely capturing images of teeth and gums; they can also reveal intricate details such as bones, nerves, and tooth roots. This level of comprehensive imaging allows for meticulous treatment planning. This technological leap is particularly beneficial for older individuals who are more prone to gum disease and bone deterioration. By delving deep into the bone structure, these x-rays enable dentists to identify and diagnose issues with remarkable accuracy, ensuring more precise and effective outcomes for patients.

The biggest health fair of the year “Thailand Healthcare 2023 Retirement Club” from today until July 2, 2023 at Sam Yan Mitr Town Hall, 5th floor from 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. Conveniently travel by MRT Blue Line, Sam Station. Area Exit 2
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