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On August 16, we had the honour of hosting esteemed guests from FWD at our clinic, including Mr. Apinuwong Jongjarasphan, Managing Director, and Mr. Jirapat Ratchataboonyaset, Financial Advisor. Dr. Vishesh Bhatia, our founder, led an insightful tour, revealing the comprehensive offerings of our facility.

Our journey began with a highlight of our clinic, the Invisalign zone, allowing visitors to witness their transformed smiles in a remarkable 60 seconds. It’s worth noting that we proudly stand as the pioneering dental clinic in Thailand to introduce the cutting-edge Invisalign Zone Technology.

Within our Studio room, our specialised doctors capture various dental procedures through before-and-after photographs. This is to showcase our commitment to excellence in a varied spectrum of treatments such as MOOV Clear Aligners, Invisalign, Implants, and Veneers.

Among our most treasured spaces are our examination rooms, which became the focal point of the tour. These serene spaces, often likened to “zen gardens within rooms,” provide patients with an environment of tranquility, effectively alleviating any treatment-related anxieties and stress.

Embedded in our treatment approach is the integration of advanced technology. Our employment of 3D technology, like the iTero dental and oral scanner, has transcended the conventional mouth impressions, increasing precision in treatments. We’ve also harmonised entertainment technology with patient comfort. This fusion allows patients to indulge in streaming platforms like Netflix or even immerse themselves in Virtual Reality (VR) experiences during their treatments. This approach whisks our patients away on a relaxing journey, effectively diverting their focus from the ongoing treatment.

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