We are a dental clinic that prioritises more than just your smile. It is with great pride that we announce our participation in MDRT’s 30th Anniversary Celebration.

MDRT, widely recognised as the Million Dollar Round Table, stands as the leading association for financial professionals.

Our commitment extends beyond smiles, encompassing safety, quality, and high quality service, all in line with our vision: “Your smile is our success.” We aim to transform perceptions of dental procedures, with a new era of positive experiences. Our aspiration is to contribute to every smile, ensuring easy access to exceptional dental care for everyone, regardless of their identity.

On August 8, 2023, we had the honour of joining the MDRT Thailand event hosted at the Royal Jubilee Ballroom, Impact. This occasion allowed us to extend our congratulations on MDRT Thailand’s 30th anniversary. We express our gratitude for the privilege of being partners in promoting dental healthcare

To commemorate our partnership, we are pleased to offer exclusive discounts to executives, staff, and members of MDRT Thailand’s esteemed financial advisory community.

SmileBox Dental Clinic participated in MDRT Thailand’s 30th anniversary by making a charitable donation. This contribution will be directed to 30 charitable foundations nationwide through the “MDRT Thailand Charity 2023” initiative. 

2023 marks the 30th year of remarkable growth for MDRT Thailand.

We reinforce our commitment to better oral health, broader smiles, and a brighter future for all. 

We go beyond your smile.

คุณพรประภา สุกรีภิรมย์ Global Council Member 2021 / PDC Committee 2022-2023

Committee 2022-2023 Global Council Member 2021 / PDC Committee 2022-2023

Nutt Supanutkulnun   Position  Membership Communications  Committee (MCC) and  Krishnat Dechathanasingh Position  Chairman of  MDRT Thailand Country Chair 2022-2023

Nithiroj Thanaolansin  Position  Immediately Past Country Chair

The SmileBox team would like to bring pictures of the event atmosphere. who went to participate in booth activities and gave special privileges at the Royal Jubilee Impact Muang Thong Thani room by SmileBox Dental Clinic to donate at the 30th anniversary celebration of MDRT Thailand to 30 foundations in the amount of 30,000 baht and support a Gift Voucher. Four more prizes will be drawn for MDRT Thailand members in dental, whitening and oral health care, worth more than 22,500 baht.

In this event full of booths from leading hospitals Including SmileBox dental clinic and MDRT qualified management team from insurance companies across the country, MDRT Thailand Board of Directors, MDRT President and Secretary of the OIC, as well as the best academics of life insurance agents. and a professional financial advisor international level nationwide

At the end of the event, enjoy on the very front line with private concert “J Jetrin” No.1 Dancing King forever of Thailand.

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